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What To Expect:

Your child will be given a reading and writing assessment to determine his or her level/weaknesses.

You will be given recommendations concerning  your child's target goals.

You will be given a folder and study plan.

You will be given monthly progress reports.

You will be allowed to choose individual or group sessions.



What The Initial Assessment Will Include

Word reading fluency

Passage reading fluency

multiple choice reading competencies



  What Reading Fundamentals will teach:

phonome awareness


fluency and reading comprehension

alphabetic decoding

spelling instruction

word recognition strategies

vocabulary development

to understand the relationships between reading, writing and oral language as interactive

to appreciate good literature and to enjoy reading on a level which they are comfortable






What Spanish Fundamentals will teach:

the Spanish Alphabet

phonetic sounds

numbers 1-100

the days of the week

the months of the year

basic commands


basic dialogue

Spanish songs

Spanish culture

games & much more













Ask about creative writing classes!