Will your child be one of the 1.1 Million American Students Who Drop Out of School Every Year?

Has Your Child Given Up On  Reading?
Does he or she have the basic reading and writing skills necessary to pass the Georgia Milestones Test?

Are you afraid that your child may give up on school entirely?

At The Reading & Writing Academy we can prepare your child for success by giving he or she the basic building blocks to reading while making it fun!


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So here you are stuck in the middle of another school term with your child repeatedly bringing home D’s and F’s, while at the same time reducing his or her self-esteem down to nothing. You absolutely hate that your child is struggling just to keep up with his or her schoolwork as his teachers and administrators continue to taint his or her permanent records.

You’ve wasted many painstaking hours in parent/teacher conferences, hired tutors and acquired useless alternative learning items only to feel the sting of defeat. You’ve stayed awake at night, worrying about your child’s future time and time again. When you’ve complained to the head officials, all you’ve gotten was the run around and enough red tape to wrap your entire family up in two times. Meanwhile you and the child you love are giving up.

Wouldn’t you like to prove that your child can succeed academically for once?

The Reading & Writing Academy can bring your child’s grades up by at least one grade level as soon as six months.Every child learns at his or her own pace but you will be able to track his or her progress.



         1-Our founder has a proven track record of over 25 years of reading instruction.

          2-We have a common core based curriculum customized to enhance your child’s strengths while annihilating his or her  weaknesses.

         3- We emphasize explicit instruction and encourage reading as recreation.

         4 -We have no high teacher turnaround; students remain with the same teachers and build  a strong working relationship with them.



I know you think that your child can’t learn and you’re frustrated from receiving useless and costly advice. I’ve seen many helpless parents step into my office, not knowing where to turn. Thankfully, after a few months with the Reading & Writing Academy, your child’s life changes forever.

We have the solution-  private instructors who cater to your child’s individual academic and emotional needs with a proven and dynamic method.


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